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Wings in the Air Long Beach’s Tastiest Air-Fried Wings

All Natural & Always Fresh

Craving the best wings in Long Beach? Look no further!

Wings in the Air offers you an irresistible and healthier alternative to an American classic.

The Wings in the Air Difference

chicken wings on wooden tray

Air-Fried & Bursting with Flavor

Our wings are air-fried to perfection, providing you with the same great taste you love, minus the extra grease. With 20-30% less grease than traditional wings, you’ll enjoy a lighter, crispier, and healthier meal. Plus, we deliver right to your door through your favorite delivery apps.

Featured Menu Items

Featured Flavors & Favorites

Indulge in our handpicked selection of irresistible menu items

chicken wings with celery sticks in basket

Sizzling Wing Combos

Satisfy your cravings with our juicy, flavorful wings paired with your choice of fries or celery sticks, and a refreshing drink. 

Choose from our mouthwatering options:

8 Wing Combo:


8 delicious wings, fries or celery sticks, and a drink

10 Wing Combo:


10 delectable wings, fries or celery sticks, and a drink

Grass-fed Classic Burger

Sink your teeth into our tender and juicy Classic Burger, made with 100% grass-fed beef, for just $10.49.

Burgers Original Burger 1200
Sides fries 1200

Sweet & Savory Sides

Enhance your meal with our scrumptious sides. Choose between our crispy French Fries for $4.50 or our perfectly seasoned Sweet Potato Fries for $5.50.

Dip into Deliciousness

Spice up your wings or sides with our irresistible selection of dips & sauces for just $1.75 each. 

Must-Try Flavors Include:

Hot Mango Habanero: Bold, fruity, and fiery

Medium Serrano Basil: Zesty and aromatic with a kick

chicken wing sauces
Desserts chocolate chunk cookie 1200

Chocolate Chunk Cookie

Treat yourself to our decadent Chocolate Chunk Cookie and indulge in its rich, gooey goodness for only $4.00.

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Delivery Across Long Beach and Surrounding Cities

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Wings in the Air delivers within a 5-mile radius of our kitchen location 1388 Daisy Ave, Long Beach. Just open your preferred food delivery app and search for us.

We can't wait for you to experience a better way to enjoy wings!

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